Monday, January 12, 2009

Citrus & Salt

Here's your long-awaited pregnancy update:

Yes, I am feeling movement. And kicks, actually. Aaron has felt them too, so he knows I'm not just making it up.

No, I haven't had "morning" sickness. I didn't with my other kids, so I didn't expect it.

Yes, I know how crazy lucky I am.

No, my appetite is not enormous. Or wasn't until exactly my second trimester. Now I am ravenous about 2 hours after dinner.

YES, we are finding out the baby's gender. On the 22nd. You, internet, may have to wait a bit longer.

NO, we will not be sharing possible names. Although if you have some you'd like to offer, go right ahead. I may discuss eliminated names, just because I can.

BUT, we will be giving this baby a prenatal name. A WHAT? you ask? We called Leah "Mavis" until her birth (okay, and a couple times after. But that's it, I swear.) Ben's name was "Melvin". This one? Don't know yet - the names have been very spur-of-the-moment in the past. Although I'm leaning towards "Matilda" for a girl, since it's my late grandma's middle name, and we won't be using it (or her first name, Gertrude!) in any other way.

I have never had insane cravings, but when I was pregnant with Leah I ate a TON of citrus. Like, every day for lunch I had an orange. For several months. And I am not kidding, but that kid came out loving them. We have a video of her, nine months of age, slapping the table out of impatience while Aaron slices one up for her. She would eat almost an entire orange before she was a year old.

Ben, now. I didn't eat hardly any citrus with him. What I did eat (not that I recommend this, of course) was Hot Tamales. And chips and salsa. And whereas Leah won't touch anything with the slightest amount of heat, it doesn't seem to bother Ben. He even eats salsa. Of course, it helps that he can dip stuff in it - the boy likes his dipping.

Baby # 3 is a toss-up. I've been craving citrus AND Hot Tamales! And chips & salsa. And M &M's. And popcorn. So who knows? A junk-food junky with an orange juice chaser? Or finally a child with no eating peculiarities? ONE CAN ONLY HOPE.


Noel said...

For those of us playing the home edition of "Name that Baby", it would be helpful to know how Ben and Leah got their names. Aaron doesn't strike me as a big Pittsburgh Steeler fan and I've been informed by at least one daughter that L-E-A-H isn't how you spell the name of the princess in Star Wars.

JJ and EJ said...

Oh man. My poor poor baby. And later my poor poor self when I have the pickiest eater alive. Good thing I've been popping those Omega-3 things so hopefully the kiddo will have fish on occasion (with her dad).

Aaron said...

Name pool: open the bible (Lyz and Aaron are mega-bible-nerds).

I'm suggesting Dorcas, Malachi, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

Lyz said...

I'll make a post about the kids names later. And yes, Brother Aaron, they ARE from the Bible, but it's not like we just closed our eyes, opened it, and stuck our finger on a name! There was a little more thought put into it than that.:)

There is a kid named Malachi in Ben's gymnastics class. No Dorcas, yet, tho.

Lyz said...

Oh, Noel - I had to ask Aaron about the Steeler's reference. I don't think we will ever claim to name a child after a pro-sports player!

kate said...

Couldn't you just use the name Mavis or Melvin again?

So, you're already thinking about a girl "prenatal name". Does that mean you got a hunch??

Oh, and I do hope we learn about the news BEFORE it becomes internet news :)

Noel said...

So the broad category may be "Bible", but there may be additional literary clues.

For example, my daughter T, whose name is in the Bible, was selected more from a charcter in the book _Ben Hur_. The name was picked years before she was born and even before her mother and I were married. Our fifth wedding anniversary was spent in the hospital, a couple days after she was born, having a candlelight lunch from a room overlooking the park and gazebo where we had met.

We have a common Scandinavian last name, so have tried to continue a tradition or rare first names. But with Google, that becomes harder. So, for a rare boys first name which we never got to use, I'll throw out "Tegner" . A cool sounding boys name we tossed around, but had reservations about, was "Tristan Uriah".

A quick look at our bookshelf this morning reminded me that I think our baby name books were sold at a garage sale, so I'll have to go on memory for the possibilities....

Lyz said...

Kate - I don't do hunches!:) I kinda like the name Matilda, but I'm not gutsy enough to make a first or middle name...

And no! I couldn't reuse Mavis or Melvin - each baby has to have their own - it's too fun to pick them out!;)

Noel - I love T's name, and the Biblical story behind it (can't beat being in the line of Christ!) Also, very fortunate you had girls - "Tristan" is now kind of trendy, thanks to Legends of the Fall.

I'll have to think about those literary references...