Friday, January 23, 2009

One Cool Game

Usually I only rant about products and services, but I thought today I'd try to be more positive and give you a rave.

Have you heard of this game, Animal Scramble?

I've seen it in a couple of different magazines by now, but I also saw it before Christmas and got it for Ben. However, Leah is the one who actually enjoys it. I think Ben would like it by himself - maybe Leah is too competitive for his almost-3-year-old skillz?

So, it works this way: You put out the 4 cute animals. Then the giraffe will say, "I'm GREEN!" and the kids runs over to the parrot and and puts the giraffe over the top of it. Then the giraffe will give clues to another animal. Super fun!

The giraffe keeps track of how fast you go, and you can put the 4 cuties anywhere you want - oh, would this be a sneaky source of exercise for my couch potato daughter? Wha -ha ha!!!

There are also different game options with increasing level of difficulties, making it possible for the littler guys on up to their early school age sibs to play. Kids can play by themselves or with friends.

In short, this may be the world's most perfect kid game.

Sadly, though, our version proved dysfunctional after a couple of games, and it wasn't the batteries. A few weeks ago I finally got around to calling the company (since I bought it through Amazon) and left a PHONE MESSAGE, which the recording said would be returned in 3-5 days. It's been longer than that, but I finally got my call today, and after describing my issue, the guy said they would send us a new game. Wonderful!

Only thing is, I'm a bit impatient. Target also carries this game, and I bought another one there just yesterday. I figured I'd keep the second game for a birthday gift. For, maybe, let's see, a couple of special twins we know? CRYSTAL! Don't go buy it!


Erhardts said...

Girl! We bought this shortly after you mentioned it when we were over one day and it is fantastic! The boys love it! Good catch!

Noel said...

An tonight at Book Club, the new game Jane Austen Scramble will be introduced:

STEP 1 : Set up your course!

Spread the four goal book characters out on the floor. Make sure they’re on a flat surface and standing upright. Then choose the game you would like to play;Character Scramble, Group Character Scramble, Treasure Hunt (2+ players), or Memory Scramble.

STEP 2 : Listen to the narrator!

Tag any goal character with the narrator tagger to start. Make sure the narrator covers the goal character completely. Listen to the narrator’s clues. If the narrator says “Emma,” tag Emma with the narrator. If the narrator squawks like Augusta Elton, tag Mrs Elton. At the end of your turn, the narrator will call out your time. See if you can beat it the next time you play!

STEP 3 : Race!

Get ready to scramble when the clues get more challenging! Choose your level as you get better at the game... Level 1: Get warmed up. The narrator calls out the names of the characters. Level 2: Not too tough. Characters names plus dialog! Level 3: Getting tricky! Names, dialog, and appearance description. Level 4: Harder still! The narrator adds geography to the mix. Level 5: Time to scramble! Answer fun questions like “Which character has romantic interests towards the vicar?”

Noel said...

And speaking of the Original Jane...

Prairie Public TV will be broadcasting "Sense and Sensibility" on Masterpiece Theatre on Feb 1 & 8. I suppose its an option on Feb 1 if the Super Bowl gets uninteresting...

Aaron said...

I would play that game.

Lyz said...

Aaron, Leah would LOVE to play it with you. Just a warning though: She likes to win.