Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Baby

"He was finding that it was getting harder and harder to sit in Mama Bear's lap..." (paraphrased from here).

Our seat is the rocking chair Mom got me for Christmas!


nydampress said...

I hope we can make it out west in the then there will definitely be less room for little Ben :)

Noel said...

Do these current "getting ready for baby" books deal with water breaking? Two-year-old daughter T freaked when her mom's water broke with a gush vs a trickle (sounds like a good tale for the next Esfest). Looks like Ben and Leah are getting well versed in baby matters and there seems to be more books on the subject than 12 years ago.

Blue Castle said...

What an adorable face. It's lovely when they're still small and cuddly like that.

Dawn said...

I like this picture of you. :) You look good in pink/fuschia. Maybe it's that soft pregnancy glow?