Monday, January 19, 2009

It's a BABY!

We met new nephew/cousin David Jeffrey for the first time on Friday. Baby David was born on December 22nd, and was 6 lbs. 8oz. at birth - he's a peanut! He just had his 2 week appointment, and weighed a few ounces over 7 pounds. This is why he seemed soo small to me, besides the obvious fact that he is so small: both of my kids weighed about 7 1/2 pounds at birth. It is rather crazy how much difference a pound can make in a teeny babe.

I was lucky enough to hold someone else's new baby while expecting my own baby and while my belly is still small enough not to make it uncomfortable. (Leah took this photo with little set up from the 'rents.)

The kids loved "holding" baby David:

Don't worry, germaphobes out there: It only LOOKS like Ben kissed David on the eye. He really didn't. I think.

Ben has always loved babies, even when he was pretty much still one himself. He was positively obsessed with holding the baby, and had the profoundly unhelpful habit of bouncing on the couch next to me while I or anyone else was holding him. He would sit for a long time while holding the baby, though, and it was insanely cute to watch him gently touch David's feet or arms, or push his pacifier back in.

In about a year, these two will be fighting over/ playing with cars together. Human development is an incredible wonder.


Jess said...

I'd have to say my child makes a wonderfully cute accessory to Leah and Ben!

Beth said...

Babies, babies everywhere! And yes, still shoveling snow (although I can typically get out of it if it's a tad too chilly out), glad I'm not the only one! Enjoy the warm spell while it lasts...

JJ and EJ said...

So. cute.

Lyz said...

Jess - Yeah, I guess I didn't take too many photos of just David - I'll leave those for YOUR blog!;)

Beth - Thanks for stopping by! We plan to enjoy the "warm" chipping snow off the driveway.

EJ - I totally agree.