Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today In Brief

- Shoveled snow while kids played in it. We were outside for about an hour. I am not normally an outside kind of girl, so this automatically makes me feel like a good mom.

- None of the children's privileges were revoked today! Hooray!

- Dooce's 2nd baby is due within days of my third, but my belly is about 2 months ahead of hers. That may have something to do with the fact that she has an unusually long torso, and mine is unusually short. Ain't anatomy great?

- Ben slept on me for about an hour after his nap "ended". I'm trying to commit those moments to memory for when he is a stinky 13 yr old who wants nothing to do with me.

- Our new front door should be installed next Tuesday. If it's 20 degrees or warmer. I'm not holding my breath.

- Have been looking at closet organizing systems online. The word "closet" is beginning to lose it's meaning and look ridiculous to me.

- Leah read her Bible verse for Awana tonight. For reals. She read it! The teachers are having to cover it up, because she cheats on the memorizing.

- Are rice krispie bars an appropriate snack for kids who have nut, milk, and egg allergies?

- What ARE marshmallows made of, anyway?

- Until the big digital switch and/or we get cable, we currently have 3 separate options for getting in a specific channel. None of them worked for PBS today, though. Had to watch a video.

- Last night I cancelled 3 magazines to which I don't remember subscribing. Got us a refund of $60. Aaron is not as excited as he should be - probably because I pointed out that that was 3 months of cable.

That is all. Good night to you.


mama.nichols4 said...

What a busy day! No wonder you weren't overly chatty online today. I'm glad you had success with kid cooperation. I tried revoking privileges today and it seemed to work! I hope it sticks. :)

Aaron said...

Liz: you don't want to know what marshmallows are made from. I put my boss off of all marshmallows and gelatins (oh yeah, jell-o too) after I told him.

nydampress said...

Liz: I have actually seen no evidence of a baby bump (what with us being 1K miles away and all), you should indulge us with a bump photo every now and then :)

Oh,and you guys still don't have that front door squared away? By now they should give you one for free, made of platinum.

Kim said...

Rice krispie you really want to know??? They are OK if there is not a super high sensitivity to milk AND you use real butter that's 100% fat with no added milk or milk solids. Of course you don't want the peanut butter kind. However they are NOT OK if a gluten sensitivity is in the mix. The above assumes you're making homemade treats!

Anonymous said...

Marshmallows are not allowed in strict moslem households due to the fact that some pig parts are used in "some" marshmallows. Oh, the same parts from cows, sheep, and goats are used.
Moslems have never tasted S'mores. Personally, I go with Jesus; if God gave it to us, how can it be unclean?

Lyz said...

Wow. Who knew marshmallows could cause such interest?

Actually, I should have guessed what they are made of, and I will STILL EAT THEM! When I was teaching, our Muslim students couldn't eat gummy snacks because of the hoof issue.:)

I checked with the mom of the dairy/egg allergic kid, and she approved homemade krispie bars, especially if I use margarine, which of course I will.

Kate: I have not been happy with any of the "bump" photos I've taken, and Aaron is hard pressed to play photographer. I would like to get one soon, though.

And I'll just be happy for a beautiful, well-fitting front door with no extra issues.

Noel said...

Regarding PBS, I recall Prairie Public in Fargo is making the switch early. The Feb date that is advertised is the latest day for stations to change.

Regarding photographers, it seems Leah has done some good work in the past. On Youtube, there are time lapse videos (a series of stills) with a bump picture taken periodicaly with the same pose etc and then brought together in video editing software.