Monday, January 26, 2009

Random Bits

At lunch today, my almost-five year old daughter was doing some wondering out loud:
(background info - I've purchased a few cups for the kids that have floaty thingys in the side of the cup. Until all the water leaks out of that compartment, and then they just sit there. But this is a newer cup.)

Leah: Mommy, why do these things go up when the cup's right side up, and down when...
Me: Don't! AUGH!

And that is when she turned the cup over to see what they did when the cup was upside down.

Spilling (or basically pouring) her milk on the table.


Also today, I saw some wedding photos of a childhood romance of mine. My oh-so-gracious responses? "He looks old. Do I look that old?" and "I'm waay hotter than his wife."

Yep, I'm mature. And clearly, I never would hold a grudge for 20 years. Surely not.


Aaron said...

Oh man, I can easily see myself doing that cup thing.

Stacie said...

Sounds like something Mackenzie would do :) I'll be sure not to buy those cups.
I also found your grudge comment to be very amusing.

Noel said...

The cup thing is empirical science at its finest...

As for the pictures...Facebook for baby boomers is providing some shocks of greater magnitude than your decadel one...30+ years down the road, the kids of friends look like how I remember my friends and the friends remind me of how their parents looked.

Lyz said...

The cup thing was actually pretty hilarious - except that I'd poured it about 30 seconds earlier, and it was comparitively expensive vanilla soy milk.