Sunday, January 13, 2008

All About Ben

Ben is probably feeling left out, since I talk so much about Leah on here, but...well...she TALKS, too! Ben is being stubborn about talking, although he makes a "rrrr" sound for cars (I think that is attached to the Y chromosome - why do boys do it, and not girls?) and is making an occasional consanant sound. This is improvement, folks, believe it or not. He's about 10 months behind in his language development.
But his motor skills are right on target, if not advanced! He has started to climb on the arm of the couch (ours are about 2 1/2 ft. off the ground!) and straddle it like a pony. Also, he bolts down the hallway as fast as his short legs can carry him, and I just hold my breath that he doesn't careen into a door frame. If you chase him, he turns around and laughs his head off.
He also dances like a maniac. I will post a video of it one of these days, cause it's truly hilarious. When he hugs Leah, he tries to pull her over. If she's laying on the ground, he'll either throw himself on her in a big hug, or sit on top of her. She digs it. And then throws him off. He only outweighs her by 10 pounds, after all!
He is a non-stop amusing boy, and like Auntie Erica said yesterday...we dont' really ever have a dull moment around here.

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