Saturday, January 5, 2008

Name Confusion

From brother-in-law Mike: Liz or Lyz? Jane Austin? or Aaron Tarzan you Jane- Calamity Jane- Dick & Jane? I'm confused......

I named my blog "Jane" because: 1)I didn't want to use our family name in the title and 2) Mike, HELLO! did you read the subtitle? Yes, it's for Jane Austen - not that I really think of myself as a second J.A., but more because her character Elizabeth from Pride & Prejudice reminds me of myself -stubborn, and talks before thinking sometimes. And, I also love Jane Eyre, who had an amazing faith (for a fictional character!) and didn't make any apologies for it.

I use Lyz & Liz interchangeably. Here's why.

In high school I felt like I had a split personality. At school I was super quiet and pretty much your typical bookworm/nerd. But outside of school, I had a lot of friends in 4-H (don't laugh! I loved it!) and from different churches, who I'd see at retreats and summer camp. So I was a big letter-writer. My sister recently told me that if I had been a teenager now, I would have been big on IMing...very true.

So, I finally acknowledged that it was okay that I had two different "personalities" and decided to signify it by spelling my name "Lyz" when writing my friends. I went to college, and my more outgoing side stuck, and I continued to use it. Then I got used to typing it, and my dad likes it, so I held on to it. Friends get concerned that they are spelling it wrong, but really, I don't have a preference.


Stacie Anderson said...

I choose Lyz :) Your site is very cute but you should add my site to your favorite things list!

mama.nichols4 said...

I've always wondered how the "Lyz" version of your name came up.. I'm one of those people that thinks I'm spelling it wrong if I trade the 'i' for 'y', so maybe I'll just use both and not worry about it. We love you either way... but why not the blog title Mary Jane, like Mary Jane's Corner? That's cute, right? hehehe..