Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Diet Aide

Last night I made Taco Noodle skillet for dinner. Admittedly, it didn't turn out the best...the fine egg noodles blended in with the meat, mushrooms & olives too well...wide ones would have been better. But you know what? TOUGH.

Leah does not like her food mixed together. I know this. I also ignore it. She refused to eat more than two tiny nibbles, and then wanted the piece of candy she'd requested earlier. And that was NOT going to happen. All parties involved agreed that dinner would be eaten before bed, and if she ate it all, she could have the candy. At 7:45 we started the process. Finally, at 8:30pm she was done. After nearly making herself gag several times, and coughing a spray of partially chewed dinner over the immediate vicinity. I was having a hard time holding my own stomach contents down, while Daddy was luckily watching fools get greedy on Deal or No Deal.

And Oh, DID SHE WANT THAT CANDY. Because I'm not mean, folks. After a couple bites, she got some yogurt, of which she ate all. I said she'd had enough to eat and could quit, but no candy. She could have some tomorrow if she ate all her dinner. But, NO DEAL. She forced herself to eat every bite, and forced me to sit there and chant, "Just CHEW and SWALLOW!" over and over. She did get the candy, stubborn girl. And Daddy got to put her to bed, because I was trying to gather any enthusiasm for eating ever again.

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mama.nichols4 said...

How funny that you endured such a stomach-turning experience. We had a similar experience involving homemade chicken noodle soup.. nothing out of the ordinary.. just noodles, chicken and some carrots. Our experience didn't include much stomach-wrenching though.

Alex decided he didn't like the soup last night at dinner, but he did eat most of what he was given. Today for lunch we had leftovers, he ate 1 noodle. Somehow, mysteriously, the soup must have transformed into something completely unpalatable to him, very strange... I wasn't going to force the issue since I knew he wouldn't starve, but there was no way he was going to get anything else to eat (much to his frustration). As it turns out, he was quite hungry for dinner and ate very well, no prompting required. :)

I recall as a child being forced to sit at the table until I ate what was on my plate... darn cooked peas and tuna noodle casserole!