Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm an Old Navy kind of girl

Give me disposable fashion and bottom prices, and I'm a happy camper!

I got word from friend Stacie that our fav store was having their 50%-off-clearance-prices sale, not too be missed. Last year I went and bought stuff for the kids for this fall/winter, so I went back for a repeat.

SIL/Auntie Erica went with and helped me make the most of the time. And spent almost every penny of her $20 allotment. Five bags later, we made it home. FOUR bags were mine. I spent more than $20.
Here's the tally:

For me (not pictured!):
1 pant
1 purse (to add to my near-obsessive collection)
3 headbands
6 tops

For Leah:
16 tops
7 bottoms
1 skirt
4 dresses
2 pj sets
2 pair of socks

Leah took this photo of me "working" and displaying my receipt!

For Ben:
1 winter coat
1 pair of socks
4 pants
10 tops

plus 2 baby gifts

Let me also bemoan the fact that Old Navy carries for baby/toddler boys a FRACTION of what they carry for girls. It's really discouraging to us moms of male kiddos. I don't know if girls need THAT many more items of clothing! Do people really like to shop that much more for them? Personally, I love dressing little boys, cause you can dress them like miniature men and they don't look skanky. But that's a whole other post/rant!


Stacie Anderson said...

You're welcome! I also went back after I saw all the cute stuff you bought that I had missed! Thanks :)

Ruth said...

well. now i know the reason that you are dressing baby ben as if he is nobel prize bound.

back to work! i purchased a skirt, dress pants, shirt, and some super cute heels for about, um, $80? that's okay...right? i love H&M.