Monday, January 21, 2008

In-laws with the outlaws

Okay, my in-laws aren't exactly the outlaw type. Unless it's getting a free round of golf or something. Since Erica & I were the only in-laws attending the big event, we were official photographers.

Lisa got us all motivated for a "desert hike" which had an inauspicious start at a culvert. We ended up climbing a good sized hill with crumbly rocks and cactus. SOME of the siblings stayed on the road below and got heckled by those of us who were more adventurous. Aaron insisted on jumping off of and climbing rocks, convincing his sisters that he was asking for an injury. I was a TAD bit concerned, also!
After a fancy dinner at the country club, Erica and I tried to corral the whole fam for a photo - we'll probably use a different one than this, but it's a good backup:

Quite the group! I am so lucky to have married into this family. They are all intelligent, good humored folks who know how to relax - with lots of food!
Congrats on your 50 years together, Bobbie and Clarence!

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nydampress said...

Looks like a great time was had! Congrats on getting away :)
Something tells me the kids are going to cry tears of happiness when you come home.

p.s. Great shot of you + Aaron+ rocks + tiny little bushes+ lake.