Friday, January 25, 2008

There's nothing...really, nothing....on TV

Did you know there's this thing called a Writer's Strike on right now? If you've turned on the Tube one evening, expecting to watch your favorite clever comedy (I'm partial to 30 Rock and The Office) and found instead Celebrity Apprentice or the new Gladiators, you've noticed. Big time.

I'm not going to write my opinion about it (except for the name of everything that is good & funny, BRING BACK THE WRITERS!). What I want to know is, what have you been doing instead? Entertainment Weekly did a survey which, among other things, asked how we've been spending our time.

Watching less TV and reading more books came in at #1 & #2. I've been doing those, too. I keep a book journal, recording on one page each book I read. And because I am a bit Type A, I also keep track of how many books I read in a year. 'Cause that kind of self-achievement makes me feel good, THAT'S WHY.

I've read five books this month. So far. FIVE. Did I mention the two little monsters/sweeties that share most of my time?

What have you been doing? Listening to more music? (To me, that's something you do WHILE ALSO DOING SOMETHING ELSE) Spending more time online? Talking more with your spouse/kids? Cleaning your house? Clipping your toenails?


Noel said...

When I'm travelling, I hardly do any TV. In Fargo, the news, NFL, and Nightline aren't bothered by the strike. I've also got plenty of email to consume my time and then there is this new Jane Austen bloggy thingy....

Ruth said...

i spend more time watching crappy tv. and doing homework while watching crappy tv.

Suzi said...

You never said, but I assume that none of the 5 books you read this month have any pictures, right?

I'm impressed, wish I could accomplish all that. Only read this month's book club book.

nydampress said...

wii + netflix = happiness forever

Probably if we got more than 20 channels I would complain more. But tv options for us have always sucked.

Crystal said...

I've definately been clipping my toenails more...and spending more time on the internet.

Terry said...

Hi, I enjoyed reading your post.
I watched 'the office' on tv recently but if you're talking about the US version being the one you enjoy then you really ought to see the original UK version starring Ricky Gervais.
Why is it that Americans have to buy the tv rights to a British series then change the cast?