Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why blog?

A few of my dear friends who are "not into this blogging thing" have graciously read mine, and this morning I had a discussion with a couple of them before Bible study. G said that it was weird because by her reading my thoughts about Persuasion, we were interacting without me really knowing about it. L said she was curious as to why anyone would want a "journal" to be read by everyone on the internet.

Of course, I told them immediately my reasons, but I'll explain again, because I think it's interesting to know the motivation behind actions in general.

On this blog, I am trying to not offend or hurt those I care about, so I'm holding back my opinions a bit. But Aaron recently cited that as a benefit of me blogging - I have a place to voice those opinions, and can't really be interrupted in my train of thought. How nice!

I do love the interaction of comments. So if you agree, disagree, or have another point of view, comment away! And, I could never do an anonymous blog without that "real life" feedback - extrinsic reward has a high value for me!

Also, as an English major (dangerous to admit, as it opens me up to all sorts of criticism!) my strength was interpretation and analyzing literature. Not writing. Since I've decided to accept and be happy that I am not pursuing my formal education, this blog is kind of an extended writing exercise.

Other bloggers have different reasons. My SIL Kate is an artist (printmaking) and knows that in her work, people want to know the artists more personally. It is instrumental to her business that she puts herself out "there". Why do YOU blog?


Stacie Anderson said...

I blog so friends & family that don't live nearby can see all the excitement that goes on in our household. I think it's a fun way to pass along stories that I normally wouldn't share or would forget about a few weeks after they happened. :)

Sweet Mary Sunshine said...

I blog because I find it therapeutic. Plus, I type much faster than I pen. My family and friends are often on the back burner because I have 20-month-old twins at home, so it's a great way to stay in touch without being on the phone all the time.

luv2cropmt said...

Hmmm... I haven't blogged yet, but think it may fit well with my strong belief in learning from others' experiences...saving time by using something that has been tried by others...finding wisdom in the counsel of many...

You may get me hooked, jane