Monday, January 7, 2008

Bedtime Prayer

At Auntie Ruth's request - more Leah-isms:

Leah's prayer at bedtime tonight: "Dear God, thank you for this wonderful day. And thank you for letting mommy let me play on the computer. Amen."

As a helper in Leah's 3 year old's Sunday School class I have watched her turn down Mrs. Hellevang TWICE when asked to pray over the snack. So she started praying at bedtime, just to get used to it. However, just recently she has been asking to pray on her own, and not repeat after me. They are very interesting, but always start with "Thank you for this wonderful day..." and I love that she's able to think of every day as wonderful!

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Noel said...

Our two daughters start their prayers at meal time the same way as Leah and have for years. A Salemism?