Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lake Havasu

We are in the sunny south enjoying time with Aaron's family, celebrating his parents' 50th anniversary. What a joy to travel WITHOUT small children - especially when you've been doing so for several years. Suddenly we are admiring all the cute, happy children in the airports...and SO happy that we don't have to change diapers or entertain when our flight is delayed.

Havasu is a lovely 60 degrees - perfect. Still cool enough for jeans to cover my white legs, but warm enough to skip the jacket. And I believe that Fargo is having its coldest cold spell of the winter. Yay!

Yesterday we gorged ourselves at IHOP, and then took a "hike" in the hills - I'll post photos later - but my legs were NOT happy. It was fun, though, and reminded me of climbing the hills on our farm as kids. A couple of us ended up at a VW bus gathering - very cool. And then we had dinner at the country club and tried to take a nice group photo of the family - yikes. Lots of people, and several who like to make faces, JUST TO KEEP THINGS INTERESTING.

Today? Today it is the "visitor" day. Relatives are coming this evening - and I'm still hoping to get away to watch Northanger Abbey! Fortunately, I've gained some supporters. SIL Korina "loves those kinds of movies" and SIL Lisa reads JA's books- all of them- every year.

"The boys" are out golfing this morning - at 8:30am, to Aaron's chagrin. Oh, the sacrifices we make.


mama.nichols4 said...

I'm SO glad you're enjoying your getaway! Those of us enduring the bitter cold of ND/MN would trade you places at any time. Have fun!!!

Stacie Anderson said...

Miss you! Glad to hear you're having a wonderful time!