Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Did you know it's cold?

It was cold yesterday. COLD. But the day before? A lovely 40 degrees. A day to catch our breaths and bear down for the rest of the artic weather headed our way. Which we did. I ran some errands with Leah, and then took the van through the car wash. Leah used to be terrified of them, but now she suggests it frequently - so we went, Monday at about 4:45pm.

How many times do you think about your vehicle between dinner and breakfast the next day? It's not really something you spend a lot of time on, right? Especially if you have a garage to shelter the poor thing. You would assume that on a morning of trying to get a three year old and almost-2 year old fed, cleaned up, dressed and out the door by 8:40am, the van will be ONE factor not causing a headache. AND YOU WOULD BE WRONG. Oh, it started, thankfully. The problem came a bit later.

When I tried to open the side door to get Leah in. You saw this coming, didn't you?

The doors were frozen solid. I could get the driver's and passenger side doors open, but not the sliding ones. Both children were hoisted into the back through the passenger side - Leah the most miserable cause she has the longest legs to get banged around. Ben thought it was all rather amusing. Ha ha.

I was hoping that the 10 minute drive to church would unthaw the doors. Nope. So out they go, over the console in the middle and out the side door. And 2 hours later? All over again. Then again at home...once more with the climbing over the seats. Of course by the time we actually did get home, both of them were dozing off, making it SO MUCH MORE FUN.

Also, before leaving church, Leah told me that her forehead hurt, and she had that sick look around her eyes. So after everyone was in the house and stripped of winter gear, I gave her some Tylenol and took her temperature...did I mention that Ben's speech therapist was due at any minute? Her temp - 101.4 degrees. Into our bed she went, and slept for an hour.

N the therapist comes in then - perfect timing! Ben had a great session, and then ate a decent 12:30 he woke Leah up, who then ate a good lunch, also....AND THEN I TURNED THE VAN OFF. The doors finally opened! I had checked them after therapy, so I know it took more than half an hour.

However, earlier the doors did had cracked enough to keep the interior lights on, and I didn't check it after driving again in the afternoon, so I'm a little concerned it won't start at all...Oh well. We are spending the day at home anyway!

Leah is better this morning after lots of Tylenol and several hours extra sleep.
Current status: Preparing for another 3 days of negative temps. Yay, winter. Moms love it.
By the way, there's no way you'd get me up to take this photo when it's -18 outside Some sucker at National Geographic took it.


mama.nichols4 said...

Oh dear! I've had the doors freeze on several occasions.. NO FUN!

Why does it never fail that on the coldest days of the year, some sort of drama has to occur. Today, I had to get gas, I was completely empty, couldn't wait 'til tomorrow when it's supposed to be "warm." And then, we had a doctors appointment and needed a few groceries... UGG!

Noel said...

There was a 61 degree temperature difference between Fargo and Moline, IL on Tuesday morning. It was 49 when I went in to the Tech Center and it smelled of spring. A few hours later the front hit and things went downhill from there, but still 20 degrees warmer than Fargo.

Monday night, as I was hastening between gates at the Minneapolis airport, I wondered how Jane Austen would have written about today's travel using her early 19th century vocabulary and style. With a 2.5 hour delay out of Fargo and a quirky delay out of Minneapolis which allowed me to make the connection I had thought was long missed, I had time to ruminate on the possibility of such expressions.

Aaron said...

Good post! Glad to hear about stuff I want to hear about, not stupid Jane Austen movies on PBS. He he he he.

nydampress said...

ahhh Aaron's comment cracks me up!

Yeah out there is too cold for me! Did you see those pictures Dave mailed out from his race? Hilarious!

Way. Too. Cold.