Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yes, the kids are still around. No, I haven't ignored them right out the house with my tight reading schedule (have to finish another by Sat. nite for book club, by the way.)

I helped in Leah's Sunday School today - eleven 3 year olds - or 3 and a half, as many of them are quick to say! Today, as Leah was handing out napkins for snack (and doing a very good job of it, too!) one kid started the song, and most of the others joined in. And what was this rousing tune that can totally engage a room full of busyness? "Jesus Loves Me"? "This Little Light of Mine"? Nope.

"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer".

Don't know where it came from, but it had immediate impact.

Later, at home, she told Daddy that she was going to make up her OWN Bible song. And you don't pass up a chance like that, so he said, "Oh really? How does is go?"

And she replies, very tunefully,: "Jesus is the Son....Praise nice to all your dinner so you can get candy..."
Bribery, folks. IT WORKS.

Ben is back to his normal self after having a temp for the last couple of days. It's weird how when you are a mom, you can tell without even touching them that your kid's sick. This morning, I could tell before I got him out of crib that he was feeling better. PLUS, his eyes didn't look sick anymore...I'm a mom, NOT A SCIENTIST. DON'T ASK ME FOR FACTS.
Ben has this thing with a specific corner of our living room. He enjoys climbing underneath the end table to get up on the ottoman, usually bumping his head about 24 times. This afternoon he just stood there, enjoying the fact that it was possible for him to bump his head on the table, wall, and couch without so much as moving his feet. HAPPINESS.

He's almost two, my baby. His vocabulary has increased to saying "Nah!" for no (close, oh so close...) and, reportedly, (it was to Aaron, so I can't be sure of it actually happening...) "Dow!" for downstairs. There are more sounds in his repertoire, but these are the closest we are coming to words. Leah has been claiming to be teaching him how to say her name, which must be "Mine!" if frequency is any proof.

So there they are. Eat your hearts out.


Ruth said...

yay sunday afternoons with the josts! thanks for keeping the cute stories and pics coming.

JJ and EJ said...
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Stacie Anderson said...

Very cute :)