Thursday, January 10, 2008

All About Leah

The other day I was taking some pictures of the kids, which Leah took as her cue to whine about wanting to take photos HERSELF. I said, "Okay, only 3, though," and then left to put Ben down for his nap. It took a bit longer than expected, and when I came back, Leah was still snapping away. We went through them together, and I marveled privately at what a 3 year old can find to take photos of when no one is in the room. There were FIVE photos of the afghan from about a foot away. FIVE. And this afghan was just lying there. Not posing, or doing anything exceptionally cute. All told, I deleted thirty photos. Not this one, though.

Thought it was pretty cute, actually.
At lunch yesterday, Leah told my mom,
"I want to be a firefighter, a doctor, a princess,
and a photographer when I grow up."

Leah also invented sign language for taco:
Her little finger is tucked under the others, if you don't have microscopic vision.
Here's the story she told everyone at church about her coat: "Grandma Bobbie made it for me, but first all my girl cousins wore it." What she DIDN'T say is that her oldest girl cousin is 26 years old. It's a family heirloom.
Yesterday we thought Leah seemed extra tired, but chalked it up to waking early and having gymnastics start again. This morning, Aaron woke me up (after generously getting up with the kids) saying, "Leah has pink-eye." We made an early appointment with our pediatrician, quickly showered and bathed, and were off - and now Leah has her FIRST presciption. You read right. Well, the first that we'll actually use, anyway.


nydampress said...

Oh! That picture Leah took of her shadow makes my heart sing!

Anonymous said...

LOL...Aneesh is stingy with the prescriptions too. Ajay just got through taking his first ever as well.

Loved hearing about what Leah took pictures of! Ajay got a kiddos digital camera for Christmas and it is always fun to see what he thinks to photograph.


Ruth said...

ah no! not THE PINK EYE! poor leah. cute coat. could u explain the taco sign language?

mama.nichols4 said...

I totally love how creative kids are with cameras. Although watching them actually photograph something is a bit of a mystery to me since rarely do they actually look through the viewfinder. Luckily for them, digital cameras now have a nice screen so they don't have as many random images. When Serenity was little (3-ish) she was given a camera. We quickly learned to move into her view so there might actually be something to look at in the end instead of carpet or people's backsides.