Monday, January 14, 2008

Another Persuasion

After thinking about last night's Austen installment further, I realized it was not the same version as I had seen years ago - duh. The Captain Wentworths are totally different, and I liked the older version better, as this excerpt from The Boston Globe aptly explains:
As Anne, Hawkins is right enough. She musters dignity in the face of regret and spinsterhood, never making Anne pathetic. But Penry-Jones is far too pretty to be Wentworth. He doesn't have wisdom and pain written into the lines of his face, as did CiarĂ¡n Hinds as Wentworth in the 1995 version - indeed, he has no lines in his face.

Here's a photo of Anne & Wentworth from the '95 version, just to drive home the point:

It bothered me last night that Wentworth was too pretty. I like my Austen heroes to be a little worn by life. Except for Colin Firth, of course. He's perfect as his pretty self!

Here's a larger photo of last night's tell me, which pair looks more like an 27 yr. old lady and her over-30 lover?

Masterpiece Theater's Persuasion had a few other faults: The kiss? Austen really milks her kisses for all they're worth by saving them for the let us enjoy it, and not be distracted by the spittle on Anne's lips! ACK! Move the camera back a bit! And it really does appear that Wentworth would rather not be kissing her at that moment. So, so wrong.
It was good, though...just maybe not as good as the 1995 version. Which of course I'll have to rent...just to be sure. If you want to critique with me, let me know! *Warning* I can be a bit of a movie if you like complete silence, watch it on your own!


Ruth said...

i love how it's the 15th of january and you already have 20 posts up. obviously, you have been holding your blogging tongue for too long!

Anonymous said...


I didn't get a chance to watch the new Persuasion yet, but I do agree that there's something missing in the new Wentworth. I loved the old persuasion and Capt. Wentworth in that one was so perfect. It will be fun to read your thoughts on the next 5 movies. :) We loved your c-mas card, btw. Great picture, and cute kids. :)
-Sarah S. (SD)