Thursday, January 17, 2008

Love is All We Need

The kids really do play nicely with each other a majority of the time. Of course, a little licorice helps the way!

They love to chase each other down the hallway, and Ben is quickly learning the ropes of Hide & Seek, although it's easier if he always helps the Seeker, since he giggles the whole time he's hiding. And Leah yelling, "I'm hiding HERRREE" is enough of a give away.

Dancing is another favorite activity, and the preferred CD at this time is our Vacation Bible School soundtrack from last summer. Yes, oh yes, it is the music that after hearing for five days nonstop, I was hoping to never hear again. AND MY KIDS LOVE IT. Ben goes whacko dancing on the ottoman like it's a trampoline. Leah SINGS ALONG.

My ears are crying for rescue. Maybe I should try the Beatles instead?


nydampress said...

So basically wish I was lying there on the floor, feet kicked up, with my own licorice whip. Leah and Ben rule.

ALSO. I forgot to say, but I am uber jealous of those who were able to eat those frosted pink cookies from your little party.

Perhaps some could be made to celebrate our race in May? :)

Aaron said...

I am in favor of making your kids Beatles babies. Very few songs over 3 minutes long makes it perfect for short attention spans.

Noel said...

The Name Bingo card and plate of decorated cookies which made it here from E-Fest showed and extrordinary amount of color coordination (and the cookies I had were great).

mama.nichols4 said...

You haven't heard a song too much until you're singing it in your dreams! Veggie Tales gets me every time. :)

Be thankful for the moments when the kids aren't screaming, pulling hair or throwing things at each other, oh, the days of childhood...